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Outdoor sports accommodations

Outdoor training

Papendal is continuously in motion. The High Performance Centre is practically unrecognisable for people who have not visited us for several years. Much has changed. Accommodations have been renewed. The addition of the Arnhemhal meant a big step forward in the field of indoor sports facilities. But we do not stand still with our outdoor accommodations either. You will find all of our outdoor facilities listed on this page. From athletics track to football fields.

Not solely elite athletes use our top facilities. We welcome sports clubs as well. Do you want more information about renting a football field or tennis court? Contact us to discuss possibilities and rates (+31(0)26 483 4555).

Athletics track

Our brand new blue athletics track is 400m long. Next to the sandwich track, mondo sprint lanes are created. This track is surrounded by softer red and green tracks. Extra training facilities such as an outdoor fitness rack and uphill sprinting facilities. Check it out.

Rock Garden

The Rock Garden is located next to the athletics track and is part of the mountain bike track. Mountain bikers can train their technical skills at the Rock Garden.

Archery accommodation

The archery accommodation consists of six shooting lanes with a maximum of 90 metres. With bad weather, the hand archers remain inside and shoot outside through a hatch.

BMX track

The construction of the BMX track was realised in 2011. At the time, the track was a copy of the Olympic track in London. In 2016, the track was adapted to the design for the Games in Rio de Janeiro. The BMX World Cup is organised annually @Papendal.

Football fields

We have a total number of eight football fields. Five of which Vitesse uses for the junior teams and the first team. The other three football fields, of which two with grass and one with artificial grass, can be used for training camps.

Tennis courts

We have four tennis courts on the property. Three gravel courts and one hard court. Tennis players can rent these courts. Currently, the courts are only used by recreational tennis players.

Would you like to know more about the sports accommodations? Or would you like to rent one of the accommodations for a training or event? Contact us to discuss the availability and possibilities.

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Servicedesk High Performance Centre Papendal