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The TeamNL centre explained

Training, living and studying at one location

Olympic Training Centre Papendal, hidden in the forests of Arnhem, is the largest of the four Centres for Elite Sports and Education (TeamNL centre) in the Netherlands. But what exactly is a TeamNL centre?

The world’s top ten

The Netherlands in the world’s top ten at Olympic & Paralympic Games. That is the ambition of the NOC*NSF and the sports confederations. However that is not easily achieved; it requires a proper elite sports infrastructure. For this reason, National Training Centres (NTCs) and Centres for Elite Sports and Education (TeamNL centres) were founded. There are four TeamNL centres in the Netherlands, of which Papendal is the largest. We offer an environment in which talents and elite athletes can develop themselves. A solid basis. That is essential to reach the top.

At a TeamNL centre, the best talents and elite athletes train in full-time training programmes, directed by the sports confederation. This means training, living and studying at one location. With limited travel time. Required support and facilities are all within reach for the elite athletes. Think of training accommodations, educational support and (para)medical facilities. But also, sports scientific support, mental support and more. Everything needed to develop talent to its full potential.

TeamNL centre Papendal

Over 400 elite athletes train with us on a daily basis. Experts consider Papendal among the five best training centres in the world. A centre to be proud of. Which we are proud of. And a unique location for training. More than half of the talents and elite athletes live @Papendal, or near Papendal. In one of the residential accommodations of the TeamNL centre, for example. In collaboration with various partners, we attempt to plan the athlete’s time as efficiently as possible. By using one square kilometre for multiple facilities. Travelling from home to school used to take up much time. From school to training. To the physiotherapist. This time can now be spend on additional training hours or recovery.

Curious to find out which sports are trained for @Papendal? Twelve sports confederations have chosen us to accommodate their full-time training programmes. No less than 30 programmes and disciplines altogether.

CTO Papendal
CTO Papendal
CTO Papendal

Support @Papendal

Imagine you were a 15-year-old volleyball talent. You were invited by volleyball confederation Nevobo to train @Papendal full-time. And to live and study. You would leave behind your family and friends. You would change schools and your training hours would double. Then you need a good support team. Not only to guide the transition but also for structural support. This is the reason why for every programme a multidisciplinary team was set up, which is supervised by the national coach. This team includes a study intermediary, a life skills coach and a nutritionist. But also a physiotherapist, a sports doctor, an embedded scientist and a physical trainer. They support the athletes intensively. And monitor the development of the athletes. This gives every athlete a calm and solid basis for further growth. To fully develop his talent.

Would you like to find out more about the support? Look at the facilities and support page at TeamNL centre Papendal.

Ronald Veerbeek

Manager TeamNL centre Papendal

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