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Optimal facilities and a unique elite sports culture

We have welcomed various elite athletes for training camps @Papendal. From the Netherlands and abroad. And from various sporting disciplines. Why elite athletes choose our location? Mostly because of the optimal facilities and the unique elite sports culture. There are so many different elite athletes who train with us. And they all strive for the same goal. To be the best. To reach the top. And that is inspiring.


We have all that is required for your training camp. We have comfortable beds waiting for you in the hotel. The right elite sports nutrition. Recovery facilities, a medical centre. We offer rooms for team meetings and we can organise a broad range of alternative trainings or teambuilding activities. Such as a boxing clinic or the team challenge. But our offer of good sports facilities is probably the most essential thing. From athletics track to football fields and from weight training rooms to a sports hall.

Maybe we can assist you with testing and measuring? We can assist you with an exercise test or a body composition measurement. And there are various sports specific tests which our sports scientist use for our elite athletes. Or maybe you are preparing for a tournament at height or in a warm country? It may be useful to use the climate room then.

Trainingskampen op Papendal
Trainingskampen op Papendal

We are here for you

You do not have to be a volleyball or football player to organise your training camp with us. You can visit us even if we do not have accommodations for your sport. The water polo players have been our guest before. And we have a full-time ski and snowboard programme. We also gladly welcome the skating teams. These athletes visit us for the good elite sports facilities all on one property. They take part in running sessions, cycle training and weight training. And they enjoy the comfortable hotel rooms, delicious food and the medical centre.

Do you want to come to Papendal as well for a training camp? Contact us to discuss the availability and possibilities.

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