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Nutritional advice

Getting the best out of your food

The right food at the right time. That is important for an elite athlete. But what exactly is the right food? What does your body need at which moment of the day?

We have access to an innovative Elite sports restaurant @Papendal. Where all the necessary sports foods are available. Though, not all talents and elite athletes are aware yet of what they should pay attention to in the preparation of their meals. Therefore, we cooperate with sports dietician Anja van Geel and others. She performs measurements, gives workshops on nutrition and puts together individual coaching programmes for talents. Anja is part of the nutrition core group of the NOC*NSF.


Some athletes know more about nutrition than others. Therefore, we offer workshops at different levels. Such as the ‘what do you choose’ workshop for talents. With a focus on creating awareness. Which choices do the talents make at dinner? Do they take in sufficient nutritional values? Do they take into account their training schedule when they prepare their meal?

Elite athletes who have more knowledge about elite sports nutrition will go more into depth. The key topic to focus on during the workshop is consulted with the national coach. Think of recovery food, sports food supplements or national and international pre-game preparation.

Individual coaching programmes

Sometimes, elite athletes are not capable of establishing a good diet themselves. An individual programme can be the solution. A sports dietician will talk with the elite athlete. Give advice and create nutrition protocols.

Voedingsbegeleiding op CTO Papendal
Voedingsbegeleiding op CTO Papendal

Cooperation with Elite sports restaurant

The sports dieticians and Erik te Velthuis, chef of the Elite sports restaurant are in close contact. An intensive cooperation has emerged. Anja advises chef Erik on the restaurant menu, for example. She thinks along about the composition of new nutritional innovations. To achieve optimal results. In addition, sports dietician Anja van Geel is closely involved in the development of the Papendal Nutrition App including a dietician portal. The app provides personal dietary advice, tailored to the type of sports and the training schedule.

The sports dieticians are part of the multidisciplinary team. They work closely together with the national coaches, the sports doctors and the life skills coaches.

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