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Real estate

From management to renovation

You will find numerous sports accommodations, buildings and office buildings @Papendal. Papendal real estate manages these sports facilities and premises. Takes care of maintenance, developments, renovations and new estate. Everything to make sure users will not be short of anything. From elite athletes to office building tenants.

Are you looking for office space? Papendal real estate offers sports-related organisations the possibility to establish themselves @Papendal. In the heart of Dutch sporting excellence. In the Sports Business Centre Papendal, for instance.

Besides this, Papendal real estate is concerned with the development of Papendal into an Olympic Training Centre of international class. By renovating existing buildings and realising new estate. A Master plan has been designed for this.


Sport Business Centre Papendal

Setting up your office at a beautiful and inspiring location


Masterplan 2020

The revitalisation of High Performance Centre Papendal

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Real estate
Kom naar de Veluwe!Verrassend Vakantie Vieren

Deze zomer wordt wellicht toch nét iets anders dan je gewend bent. Maar dat betekent niet dat je niet alles eruit kan halen wat er in zit. Vakantie in eigen land zat misschien niet in de planning, maar je staat versteld wat er nog te ontdekken valt in ons eigen landje. Laat je verrassen en sta open voor nieuwe ervaringen.

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