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Strong together with innovation

We are continuously working on improving ourselves @Papendal. Just like the elite athletes. We search for ways to improve ourselves on a daily basis. How we can grow. And we do this in many ways. In the area of sports accommodations for example. In the Elite sports restaurant. But also in the field of sports science. We gladly explain a few of the innovation projects on this page.

Green protein

We call protein coming from plant-based sources ‘green protein’. The purpose of this ‘green protein project’ is developing recipes with green protein, so that we can offer a variety of protein types. We work together with a group of startup and SME companies to develop new innovative products with green protein. For example the algae-quinoa-burger which contains 18 grams of protein. With tests, tasting sessions and surveys we evaluate whether the products meet the needs of the athlete. That is how we develop innovative products that contribute to a healthy and sustainable diet.

Sports roll

A sausage roll, but then healthier and protein rich. That’s the sports roll. A product that is developed by Houben Worstenbrood and Olympic Training Centre Papendal, made of fiber-rich dough and a protein rich chicken filling. The sports roll consists of different types of carbs and has a high protein level. Due to the low-fat level, the roll distinguishes itself from other snacks. For elite athletes carbs and protein are very important, for energy intake and muscle recovery. The sports roll is developed to meet this need and is available in the Sports Restaurant @Papendal.

Papendal Nutrition App

Adjusting your diet completely to your sports and training programme. If you are an elite athlete, that is what you want. Because that is how you can get the best out of your food. We make this possible with the Papendal Nutrition App. Elite athletes use this app on their smartphones. The app is connected to the cash register system in the Elite sports restaurant. As soon as the athlete has paid for his meal, the system sends the products with their nutritional values to the app. Here, the stripes and colours indicate if the athlete is taking in the right amounts of nutrients for that day. Products which are bought elsewhere, are entered manually by the athlete. In the dietician portal, the dietists can view the eating habits of the elite athletes which they coach. This enables personal dietary advice.


Research shows that the recovery of an elite athlete after an intensive training is comparable with the recovery of a patient after an operation. So many innovations in the field of elite sports, can also be applied in other areas. Therefore, the Eat2Move partnership has been set up. We have joined forces with six partners: Wageningen University, Hospital de Gelderse Vallei, NOC*NSF, University of Applied sciences of Arnhem and Nijmegen (HAN), NIZO food research and Friesland Campina.

The project is funded by the province of Gelderland. Its objective is to develop food that enhances the performance and recovery in (elite)sports and healthcare. Like to know more? Visit the Eat2Move website.