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Facilities and support

A broad range of facilities

Talents and elite athletes require an optimal training environment. A trusted basis. In which they can work on achieving their goals in peace and quiet. Where they can grow. To create such a basis, we offer various facilities for the athletes. In addition, a large multidisciplinary team is involved. This team monitors the development of the athletes. Ensures their well-being. This support is important, since there are many junior athletes who live and train with us. Sometimes, the talents are only 15 years old when they enter the property on their way to their room @Papendal. A life skills coach can offer support in the transition from home to the CTO. And the study intermediary can offer support in the combination of studies and elite sports.

However, more is needed for talents and elite athletes to reach the top. This page will give you an impression of the support and facilities offered to athletes at CTO Papendal. We strive for the best possible training environment. In which all the basic conditions that we can provide in are in place.



All about living at and near Papendal



From study mediator to partners



Special bus route for CTO athletes


Medical facilities

Physiotherapists, masseurs and sports doctors


Life skills coaching

Control your own life


Performance behaviour

Workshops and individual programmes


Physical training

Strength, coordination and more


Sports science

Sports scientific support by embedded scientists


Nutrional advice

Workshops and individual programmes

Ronald Veerbeek

Manager CTO Papendal

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