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You can imagine that the housing requirements of a junior talent of 15 years old are different than those of an elite athlete of 26 years old. This is why we offer different housing options. Elite athletes can choose to live @Papendal. Or near Papendal, at Klein Warnsborn. These are our external housing accommodations. Sometimes, athletes rent an apartment in Arnhem with their training buddies. Or they buy a house.

Living @Papendal

For the youngest full-time TeamNL athletes, there is a sports hotel @Papendal. The sports hotel is not the same as Hotel Papendal. Because anyone can stay at Hotel Papendal. Corporate guests for example. Or families for a weekend getaway.

The sports hotel is located steps away from the training accommodations. It is home to approximately 100 talents, mostly between the ages of 15 and 18. Every athlete has its own room and hotel room. We also have furnished living rooms for them. A cosy place where volleyball players, BMX cyclists and snowboarders come together. To study or relax. Talents who are going to live in the sports hotel, are free to decorate the room according to their wishes. They often stay all week, so it is important to create a comfortable and home-like place. We will provide a comfortable bed and mattress. Because a good night’s sleep is very important for the recovery after an intensive training day. The same goes for nutrition actually. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the nearby Elite sports restaurant.

Besides rooms, you will also find a few offices in the sports hotel. This is where the offices of the life skills coaches and the study intermediary are located. Within reach for the talents. They can thus easily walk in for a conversation.

There is not only a sports hotel at Papendal, there are also other housing facilities on site. P50 for example where we created 20 rooms for young athletes.

Klein Warnsborn

The elite athletes of 18 years and older can use our external housing accommodations. The Klein Warnsborn property is located four kilometres away from Papendal, in the direction of the city of Arnhem.

The three buildings that the property consists of have been entirely renovated. Modern and ready to move into. Klein Warnsborn consists of a total of 50 rooms of approximately 20 m2 each. These rooms also generally have its own sanitary. And there are shared living rooms and kitchens here as well. This gives the elite athletes the opportunity to cook a healthy meal themselves. Or they eat after their training in the Elite sports restaurant @Papendal. Convenient and definitely well-balanced!

The spacious, bright rooms and the forest surroundings of the property make these rooms very popular among the elite athletes.

Klein Warnsborn wonen nabij CTO Papendal
Klein Warnsborn wonen nabij CTO Papendal

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