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(Para)medical facilities

Ensure a fit start

Elite athletes often suffer small injuries. An injury can cause an elite athlete who has been training for years to miss out on the Olympics. Of course we want to avoid this. An athlete must always be as fit as possible at the start of a tournament. Not only in the Olympic year. Every year, every month, every day. With a training load of more than twenty hours per week, it is very important to have access to the right (para)medical care. Therefore, we cooperate with experts in the field of sports medicine and sports physiotherapy. Experts of Sports Medical Centre Papendal (SMCP) and the department sports medicine of the Gelderse Vallei hospital in Ede. The masseurs of Preaz provide the sports massages.


If you are an elite athlete, you do not want to travel too far for a physiotherapist or sports doctor. Therefore, all treatments take place @Papendal. Often even at or next to the training accommodations. A dedicated sports doctor. One or more dedicated physiotherapists. The expert treatments and injury consultations are available for talents and elite athletes on a fixed schedule.

But you do not want to leave injuries which were caused during the training untreated for too long. Therefore, there is a daily drop-in consultation hour for TeamNL athletes in the Arnhem hall. For diagnosing the injury and quickly starting treatment or further examination.

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General practitioner and dentist

Most people are registered with a GP or dentist in their place of residence. That is convenient because the right care is always near you. Of course this is just as important for elite athletes. Or perhaps even more important. Many athletes that are going to train @Papendal, will also live here. Or in the city of Arnhem. If you are still registered with your GP in Zeeland, you will not have access to immediate care in case of emergencies. Or for a referral for supplementary care. Therefore, we advise athletes to register with a GP and dentist in Arnhem. We cooperate with GP practice Alferink & Spel and dentist F.J. Weidema. For immediate care for elite athletes.

Health insurance

The TeamNL centre offers the elite athletes @Papendal the right (para)medical support around their trainings. Yet, this is not always sufficient. Think of a long rehabilitation after a severe injury, for example. It is very important that talents and elite athletes are well insured. We advise them a supplementary insurance with sufficient physiotherapy treatments.

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