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About OTC Papendal

The heart of Dutch sporting excellence

Olympic Training Centre Papendal is the largest elite sports training centre in the Netherlands. Today, about 350 elite athletes use our top facilities on a daily basis. Papendal has been used as a training location for elite sports since the seventies. Princess Beatrix opened the Olympic Training Centre officially in 1971. In the years that followed, Papendal has changed tremendously. The past ten years have particularly been a period of rapid development for the Olympic Training Centre. To give you an idea of these developments, we have listed our history in chronological order.

Subsidiary of the NOC*NSF

We are a subsidiary of the NOC*NSF, just like Hotel Papendal. Until 2012, the Olympic Training Centre was part of the NOC*NSF. Until it was decided on 1 January 2013 to change the Olympic Training Centre into a private company. With Jochem Schellens as Managing Director. Since he is also Managing Director of Hotel Papendal, he has a double role.

The Olympic Training Centre is divided into three departments: the: the Centre for Elite Sports and Education (CTO), Papendal real estate and the Elite sports restaurant. The CTO ensures that all facilities for elite athletes are arranged perfectly. From housing to life skill coaching and medical support. The real estate department is responsible for maintenance of the buildings and accommodations @Papendal. The last department is the Elite sports restaurant. We offer our elite athletes daily fresh and functional elite sports nutrition.

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The highest goal

All our departments contribute to our highest goal. Facilitating the elite athletes @Papendal to the best of our abilities. So they can prepare themselves in peace and quiet. Not having to worry about anything. The elite athlete is always our number one priority. In everything we do. Eventually, it is our goal to become part of the top ten sports countries in the world. And we gladly contribute to this goal @Papendal.

Organisations on the property as well

Papendal is a home base. A stable basis. Familiar. Not merely for the elite athletes who train with us, but also for the organisations which are located on our property. These include the NOC*NSF, Vitesse, the Athletics Union and Pim Mulier. Are you curious about the total list of names? Then take a look at our map.

Atletiek Papendal
Sportcentrum Papendal
Sportcentrum Papendal

Jochem Schellens

Director High Performance Centre and Hotel Papendal