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Advice from experts

Papendal Consultancy offers expert advice or practical support for (top-class) sport-related and nutrition-related questions. This includes topics such as facility management and the design of facilities and guidance for elite athletes or healthy food. For every top-class sports centre, for every organisation or government institution, for every sports club or sports team that requires tailor-made advice. The profits from the consultancy assignments will benefit the full-time top-class sports programmes @Papendal.

Three packages

Papendal Consultancy offers the following packages:



Practical advice & support


Facility management & top-class sports facilities

Advice on building and exploiting a sports centre


All-in Advice

Complete advice on creating a sports centre and its services

In-house knowledge and experience

Why choose Papendal Consultancy?
 We have a skilled and dedicated team
 Our approach has been proven to be successful
 We combine knowledge and practical experience: maintain an integral approach

Just over 10 years ago, Papendal was nothing more than a conference centre, an athletics track, football fields and a sports hall. From then on, our centre has grown exponentially in all aspects: in the number of sports facilities, the number of top-class athletes training here and in the quality of the facilities. Papendal has earned its stripes in top-class sports. Experts rank our centre amongst the top three training centres in the world.

We are ready for the next step. We want to share our knowledge and practical experience with the national and international (top-class) sporting world. We are ready to act as a coach for top-class sports centres that want to develop and achieve growth. Ready to advise commercial teams and clubs and to support them in shaping their nutritional policy.


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