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Nutritional innovation

Nutrition for better performance and recovery

You can innovate in many fields. In the area of sports accommodations for example. Or by developing bicycles, clothes or other sports materials. Perhaps you would not think of nutritional innovation quickly. Though there is a lot to be gained in the area of nutrition. Elite athletes may not win medals with good nutrition only, but without good nutrition they do run the chance of missing out on medals.

Contribute to performance

Nutritional innovation is top priority for us. Nowadays, we are leading in the area of sports nutrition. If you compare us with other training centres in the world. And of course we want to keep it that way. However, our primary objective is always to be of service to our elite athletes as best as we can. And nutrition is very important for elite athletes. Because the right diet can contribute to a good performance. In the end, of course our country wants to be successful in elite sports. And we gladly contribute to that. But we are also aware of the societal interest; we find it important to give something in return. The Eat2Move project is an example of this.

The connection with science is very important in innovation. The collaboration with knowledge centres is of vital importance in nutritional innovation as well. Because, if we are unaware of what an elite athlete needs to be able to perform and what goes on in an elite athlete’s body, how can we prepare the right food?

The Elite sports restaurant

With the Elite sports restaurant, we have taken a big step forward @Papendal in the field of nutrition. Various nutritional innovations have been developed and tested in cooperation with a broad range of partners. The elite athlete is always the main focus in this. After all, they have to find the new products tasty. It will be developed for them. In the mean time, there are a number of successful innovations. Sports bread, sports quark, sports bars.

How we get to these ideas? Product recipes are analysed. Then healthy versions are thought of, such as the sports pizza with chicken and vegetables. All to bring proteins, carbohydrates and fats in meals in balance. For maximum recovery after an intensive training.

Of course we ask the elite athletes for their opinion regarding new products. That is why we have founded the Sports Nutrition Panel Papendal. This panel consists of elite athletes who like to think along about sports nutrition. They meet a few times a year to taste and give their opinion.

The Papendal Nutritional App which is connected to the cash register system in the Elite sports restaurant is another example of a valuable innovation. Developed for the elite athletes @Papendal.

Voedingsinnovatie op Papendal
Voedingsinnovatie op Papendal
Voedingsinnovatie op Papendal


Giving something in return to society. That is important to us. In the Eat2Move project , we can make contributions to the field of nutrition. As a number of products are being developed for elite athletes. To be able to recover after an intensive training. These products can also be applied in other areas, such as the hospitals where patients recover from operations. In Eat2Move, we collaborate with six regional organisations to develop healthy food that enhances the performance and recovery in (elite)sports and healthcare. To make sure that good food eventually also ends up on the store shelves. For consumers who want to make the right choice.

Want to know more about nutritional innovation @Papendal? Please contact us.