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Performance behaviour

Learn to cope with pressure or setbacks

An elite athlete can be at his best physically, but his mental state is just as important. Otherwise you cannot perform. How do you deal with the pressure? Or continuously being the centre of attention? How do you make sure you do not get distracted? That you stay focused? Some athletes can naturally cope well with this. Others need more support. To offer athletes this support, we work closely together with Ivo Spanjersberg, Judith Upmeijer and Rogier Hoorn. These experts on performance behaviour are accredited by the VSPN (Association of Sports Psychology in the Netherlands). They organise group workshops for talents. Or they support the elite athletes individually.


Talents become acquainted with the basic skills for performance behaviour during group workshops per sport. They learn how to set goals. How to deal with stress or distractions. Learn to cope with criticism or setbacks. The ‘performance behaviour’ workshop consists of four evenings. Throughout the process, they will bring theory into practice during trainings and competitions. The workshop evenings are prepared per programme with the respective national coach. This makes the workshop suit the talents or the team perfectly.

The experts on performance behaviour organise the ‘Parent of an elite athlete’ workshop for parents. This workshop addresses topics such as: the development of parents in relation to the development of the elite athlete child. The consequences of the choice for elite sports for both the talent and the family. And an insight into parents’ own behaviour. This workshop has been well received by parents for years.

Individual programmes

Sometimes, the group workshops are not sufficient. If elite athletes face challenges that require individual coaching, an individual programme with one of the experts will be started. During a number of conversations, the athlete will get tools to deal with his issue.

The experts on performance behaviour work multidisciplinary. They are in close contact with the talent and national coaches. With the sports doctors and with the life skills coaches.

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