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If you organise a sports day or round of activities during your congress, you will want all activities to be within walking distance of each other. We offer you this possibility @Papendal. As the best facilities are all within close reach on our property.


Imagine you are @Papendal for a congress. You have chosen to travel to Papendal the night before. So you do not have to travel during rush hour. After a good night sleep, you leave the hotel wing. You follow the corridor to restaurant 20 28 for an extensive breakfast. You walk back to the entrance with a satisfied feeling, ready to start the day. You enter the Athens room next to the reception of the hotel, where you are expected for the morning programme of the congress.

Athenezaal Papendal
Hotelkamer standaard Papendal

Just before lunch, you leave the presentation room. Inspired by hockey coach Max Caldas’ story. A delicious lunch buffet is waiting for you. The activity rounds start at 14.30. You registered for an archery clinic, a wheelchair basketball clinic and a guided tour around the Arnhem hall. You will leave the congress room together with the other participants, past the reception and through the back door. The surroundings look way different all of a sudden. You will enter the sports world of Papendal. On the field, you will see Dutch archers waiting for the clinic right away. You will walk towards them. After arching, that went surprisingly well, you will follow the signs to the sports hall. You will report to the wheelchair basketball clinic in a few minutes. Tougher than you thought! At the end of the clinic, you get a taste for it. But then it is time to continue to the last activity round: the guided tour. You return to the field and join the rest of the group at the entrance of the Arnhem hall. You listen to the story of the Papendal guide and you are surprised about the beautiful sports facilities. Dafne Schippers even walked by!

After the guided tour, you will be back at the hotel in just a few minutes, where you pass by your room and go for dinner.

Indoor sportaccommodaties sprinthal Arnhemhal
Handboogschieten op Papendal

Everything within walking distance

It does not matter which activities you have in mind for your event. Whether you organise a congress or a sports day. All clinics and activities that we offer, can take place on our property, within walking distance of each other. On the sports fields, the event grounds or in the sports accommodations for instance!

Due to the unique combination of perfect hotel and conference facilities with sports accommodations and ample space on our forested property, we can add something extra to your event! Will we see you soon @Papendal?

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