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Papendal; not an average congress location.

Choose for quality, passion and guaranteed success.

You are looking for a location to host your congress. We are glad your search led to Hotel Papendal. It is probably no coincidence. Perhaps you were inspired by our forest surroundings or fascinated by our unique connection with sporting excellence or maybe our strength in organising large congresses has not gone unnoticed. It does not matter how you got here. Let us focus on how we move forward. What can we do for you?

Together, we look at the objective of the congress. What do you intend to achieve and in which way? Together, we will look at the most suitable seating arrangement in one of our meeting rooms and the (audio-visual) aids needed for a successful congress. And the culinary packages that are available to make your day complete. But then we will look for that unique touch. How do we ensure that this congress becomes unforgettable? We will find out, together. In a personal conversation.

Two unique congress rooms for a wide range of meetings
Our Sydney room is suitable for trade shows, expositions, product presentations and more. But also for large dinners or company parties, since this room can be divided into several smaller rooms. Our Athens room is definitely suited for any large congress or event. The spotlighted stage in the room, the impressive Athens bar and the possibility to divide the room into multiple sections for different purposes, make this room one to see with your own eyes. So many wishes. So many possibilities.

Technical or organisational support. No problem at all.
Of course you may assume that these rooms are provided with all the key technical facilities. Should you require additional facilities for your congress, we will be happy to advise you about the possibilities to expand.

Experience what our elite athletes experience as well.
To be able to experience what our elite athletes feel every day, we have made a selection of sports speakers. Every sports speaker has his/her own unique relationship with Papendal and is able to bring entirely different dynamics to your meeting that suit your objective perfectly. Another option is to take part in sports or creative activities with your group during a customized clinic . Demonstrate the power and conviction in the way you approach things. And you will succeed. We guarantee you that.

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