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Indoor sports accommodations

From Olympic Training Centre to the Arnhem hall

The Arnhemhal

The Arnhem hall is a multi-sports hall with international allure. Experts consider the Arnhem hall as one of the top five training accommodations in the world. An accommodation to be proud of.

New technologies have been applied to the Arnhem hall. Such as a modern camera system for movement analyses. An optimal sports floor. Spot lighting. And new wooden wall panels which have been specifically developed for the acoustics of the hall. Moreover, the integration with the Elite sports restaurant meant a big step forward in the field of nutrition.

We value durability. Therefore, a heat and cold storage system has been installed for the heating and cooling of training rooms. And in spring 2016, solar panels have been installed on the roof of the Arnhem hall. These panels supply one third of the Arnhem hall with energy.

The training accommodation was introduced in 2013 and includes:

  • Two large halls for ball sports
  • Two weight training rooms of which one contains recovery facilities
  • A technical athletics hall
  • A sprint hall of 130m long
  • A combat sports hall
  • Elite sports restaurant

Would you like to explore the Arnhem hall yourself? Take a look inside.

Sprinthal in de Arnhemhal op Papendal
Arnhemhal op Papendal
Arnhemhal op Papendal

Olympic Training Centre

Next to the Arnhem hall, you will find the Multihall. The training facilities in this hall are used intensively. Such as for handball and badminton.

The Multihall consists of:

  • Two large sports halls
  • Two large weight training rooms, one combined with a seventy-metre long sprint hall
  • A boxing ring
  • A shooting hall

The Multihall also consists of the latest technological gadgets. Such as a special floating sports floor in the sports halls and spot lighting. Moreover, the handball hall is provided with a Local Positioning Measurement (LPM) System for training analyses.

Schieten op Papendal
sporthal op Papendal
Krachttraining op Papendal

Sports hall West

This hall is located next to the Sports and Education building. A number of programmes of Rijn IJssel and the HAN are taught in this building. Such as the ALO and CIOS. Programmes with practical courses. For which you need a sports hall. Therefore, Sports hall west is mostly used by schools. But elite athletes frequently train in the hall as well. Table tennis players, for instance.

Would you like to know more about the sports accommodations? Or would you like to rent the sports hall for a training or event? Contact us to discuss the availability and possibilities.

Tafeltennis traint in de tafeltennishal op Papendal
Sporthal West op Papendal

Henny Kroon

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