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We continuously update our followers via social media regarding the activities @Papendal. We celebrate the performances of our elite athletes. Share pictures and videos of their trainings. Offer you a glimpse of the events and meetings which take place on our property. And we share our activities and promotions. So you can experience Papendal as well!

Users of our property, from the organisations on-site to our athletes, all use @Papendal for sharing their activities on our property. If you enter this keyword on social media, you will get a nice overview of all the activities that take place here.

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HerfstkriebelsPapendal geeft je de ruimte!

De herfst is in aantocht en wordt wellicht toch nét iets anders dan je gewend bent. Maar dat betekent niet dat je niet alles eruit kan halen wat er in zit. Geniet van een heerlijk weekendjeweg in eigen land of verblijf wat langer tijdens de herfstvakantie.

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