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Life skills coaching

Develop as an elite athlete and as a person

The talents and elite athletes at TeamNL centre Papendal are surrounded by a large support team. Among which life skills coaches. They coach the elite athletes in the field of performance behaviour.

A lot changes for a talented junior athlete who comes to @Papendal to train, live and study. All of a sudden, the talent needs to take care of himself for the most part. Lives among peers instead of with his family. He takes care of his own laundry. Makes his weekly planning. Arrives at the training on time and makes sure his homework is done. Elite sports demand a high level of self-reliance and independence at a young age.

To coach talents in the necessary personal development, we work with life skills coaches. During recurring conversations with talents and elite athletes, we offer them the tools to deal with possible problems or issues. The position of life skills coach is confidential. Athletes can turn to them with things that are difficult to discuss with the national coach. Or with caregivers.

Control your own life

The life skills coaches spend a great deal of attention to strengthening the self-governing ability. And to giving insight in own behaviour and the consequences of it. Talents learn how to control their own lives. How they are responsible for their behaviour. The life skills coaches help the elite athletes to structure their daily lives. Subjects such as sleeping, nutrition, planning and finances are all covered.

Lifeskill coaching op CTO Papendal
Lifeskill coaching op CTO Papendal


The life skills coaches discuss some topics collectively. During workshops, for example. They lead team sessions and organise workshops on sleep or appropriate and inappropriate behaviour. Moreover, they are involved in the ‘Parent of an elite athlete’ workshop for parents of TeamNL athletes.

The life skills coaches are part of the multidisciplinary team. They have much contact with the national coaches and work closely together with the experts performance behaviour and sports dieticians.

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