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A staff restaurant full of nutritious food. Full of variety. Where employees can enjoy a healthy and tasty lunch or dinner. A top-class sports restaurant in your training complex, offering food that meets all the requirements of the modern top-class athlete’s diet. Or practical support, with one of our chefs joining you “on the road” to cook for your top-class team. So that they can perform at their best. At Papendal Consultancy, you have come to the right address with these questions.

What can we offer?

 The knowledge and skills to answer all nutrition-related questions
 Proven success: Papendal is a world leader in the field of top-class sports nutrition
 A healthy dose of energy and contagious passion for the job

World leading

Sports Centre Papendal is “world leading” when it comes to top-class sports nutrition. The Top-class Sports Restaurant @Papendal has been open since 2013 and is a great success. Chef Erik te Velthuis has supervised the kitchen team in the testing of various innovations and the development of new products. Tens of thousands of visitors have listened to our story and tasted our products. And the first new branch was opened in 2017: the staff restaurant in De Weerelt at Papendorp, where various sports federations are situated.

These organisations have preceded you

Not only visitors, but also organisations and teams have become inspired following a visit to our Top-class Sports Restaurant. They asked us – our chef Erik te Velthuis – to advise them about their nutrition policy. Or they asked him to give a workshop. To transfer his knowledge to their kitchen team. Or to fly across the globe to cook for a sports team.

Consultancy projects at PSV, Feyenoord and the Military Rehabilitation Centre in Doorn have now been completed. In addition, our chefs also cooked for the AkzoNobel sailing team during the Volvo Ocean Race. From Alicante and Lisbon to Cape Town. Our chefs were ready to give the sailors the right foods for recovery.


Every request for advice is different. Please contact us and we will draft a tailor-made quotation for you.


Do you have a request for advice for us? Are you curious to find out what we can do for you? Please contact us.

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