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An athletic or recreational break: something for everyone!

Looking for an athletic or recreational break during your meeting? You are in the right place! Team building, health awareness, (self) confidence or sports & fun. Whichever goal or activity you choose, together we will make it a unique athletic experience. From volleyball and wheelchair basketball clinics to guided tours and interactive games. From nutrition workshops to bike tours and nature walks. The possibilities are endless. Because of our varied offer, we can organise a suitable activity for every group.

Do you prefer a fuller programme? Then choose a package in which we can combine multiple activities. It is also possible to expand catering. Get inspired by the elite athletes and top coaches who train @Papendal. Or go for a less athletic activity. We have a wide range, something for everyone. And always within walking distance. Because all of our facilities are combined on one property. Everything within easy reach. From event rooms to sports accommodations.

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Arrangement op Papendal
Arrangement op Papendal

An inspiring area

Are you looking for additional inspiration or motivation? Then book a guided tour and take a look at our top facilities for elite athletes. Discover what a day looks like for an elite athlete. Where they train. What they eat. Or book one of our sports speakers. They gladly share their stories! From sports officials to elite athletes, coaches and experts. In the area of nutrition for example. In line with the objective of your meeting! Visit Papendal and get inspired!

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