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Olympic Day

‘The most important thing in the Olympics is participating rather than winning, just like life didn’t start to conquer but...

Sheep herding with Border Collies

Team building is a way to learn to function more effectively as a team, but also a way to have...

Olympic battle of the stars

Will you go for gold as well at the Olympic battle of the stars? You and your colleagues will be...

Ultimate Brainchallenge

In the Ultimate Brain Challenge, different teams will compete in solving brain teasers. The challenge consists of a large number...


Zumba, a combination of fitness and dance moves on world and Latin music. Think of Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia etc. Zumba...

Soapbox Grand Prix

Soapbox Grand Prix is a hilarious programme. Participants will build soapboxes in teams. Part of each team will be working...

Game Olympiad

Game Olympiad is an athletic team challenge that goes further than just sport. Crack the Olympic code by means of...

Ultimate Building Battle

Ultimate Building Battle is a large team building with giant construction material, similar to Scrapheap Challenge (known from TV). Various...

Bike tour the Veluwe

The Veluwe is a great cycling area. The most beautiful thing about cycling at the Veluwe is its great diversity.

WWII Bike tour

In September 1944, the Operation Market Garden took place and ended in the Battle of Arnhem. There are several war...

Ball shooting

Around 1500, this sport was very popular in the Netherlands. Now it is back! A ‘kloot’ is an old Dutch...

Eco Awareness Battle

The Eco Awareness Battle is a challenging team game with a sustainable story. You will create a chain reaction generated...