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Arnhemhal op Papendal

Tour Olympic Training Centre Papendal

Olympic Training Centre Papendal is an elite sports training location. With a wide range of accommodations. Something for every athlete....
Onderwijs Papendal

Customized education @Papendal

Being a professional athlete and studying at the same time. That is not an obvious and simple combination! It takes...

Handball Academy 2006 – 2016

It was 16 August 2006. More than twenty female handball players got the key to their new room @Papendal. The...
Volleybaldames nationaal team trainen op Papendal

Elite sports

Olympic Training Centre Papendal is the largest elite sports training centre in the Netherlands. Today, about 400 elite athletes use...

Facilities and support

Talents and elite athletes require an optimal training environment. A trusted basis. In which they can work on achieving their...
Het Onderwijsgebouw op Papendal


Centre for Elite Sports and Education (TeamNL centre), this name has been chosen on purpose. Following education is of crucial...
Mentale begeleiding Papendal

Life skills coaching

The talents and elite athletes at TeamNL centre Papendal are surrounded by a large support team. Among which life skills...
Inspanningstest op Papendal

Sport science

To support elite athletes and coaches sports scientifically, we work with embedded scientists. Scientists who are specialized in biomechanics. Or...
Voeding in het Topsportrestaurant op Papendal

Nutritional advice

The right food at the right time. That is important for an elite athlete. But what exactly is the right...
Regionale samenwerking Papendal

Regional partnership

For many talents, the change from a selection team to a TeamNL centre club is too big. Talents train at...
Papendal BMX'er Raymon van der Biezen

BMX bike racer Raymon van der Biezen

Raymon van der Biezen, geboren op 14 januari 1987, staat bekend om zijn kwaliteiten op de BMX-fiets. Van jongs af...

About Papendal

Hidden in the forests of the Veluwe, on the outskirts of the city of Arnhem, you will discover the secret...