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The enormous amount of knowledge and facilities available make Papendal unique. It would be a shame not to utilise these benefits! The facilities for the elite athletes @Papendal are designed to perfection. And numerous experts are involved in it. Who can possibly be of service to you.

Tests and measurements

Whether you are an athlete or a cyclist, some tests are useful for any sport. For athletes at any level. For example, a VO2-max test if you are preparing for a triathlon or want to measure body composition. And of course there are also sports specific tests which are taken by our sports scientists. Mainly used for our elite athletes. Measuring jump heights of volleyball players. Or agility. Some tests may be interesting for your team as well. Perhaps you are cyclist and interested in the Wingate test? Grab your chance and utilise the knowledge in the field of testing and measuring.


Sometimes you are searching for alternative trainings. Or for a teambuilding activity. To improve team performance. Or to get to know each other in a different way.

With the broad range of clinics and team building activities @Papendal, we can offer your team precisely what is needed. Such as a boxing clinic or core stability. A team challenge. An interactive game, a building battle or another team building activity.

This can make your day or training camp @Papendal unforgettable.


Who can inspire your team better than a sports hero? Wheelchair basketball coach Gertjan van der Linden or BMX Olympic bronze medallist Laura Smulders, for instance. A number of inspiring sports speakers are connected to Papendal. And they can tell their story. Share their knowledge with you, to give you just that little extra. Would you like to know more about sports nutrition? Be sure to talk to Erik te Velthuis, chef of the Elite sports restaurant. Or work together and book a workshop. The possibilities are endless. Look at  our sports speakers page and maybe you will get to meet one of these heroes soon!