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Testing and measuring

Something extra to make a difference

Sometimes, you want something extra. For example, if you are preparing for an important tournament. Or during your training camp, for instance. In sports, seconds matter. The smallest of things can make a difference. For this reason, we work with embedded scientists in elite sports. They are continuously engaged in the full-time training programmes and various sports to perform tests and measurements. To monitor the performance and progress of the elite athletes. Some tests may be interesting for you as well. During your preparation. Or as part of your training camp @Papendal.

Wingate or VO2Max

There are numerous tests that our sports scientists perform during the elite sports programmes. Such as with balance boards, time gates or the Optojump. With high-speed cameras or yard sticks. Tests that may be interesting for you as well.

If you are a cyclist, you may want to get an idea of your starting capacity and your acceleration capability. This is possible with the Wingate test. If you are preparing for a triathlon or marathon, you can take an exercise test. A VO2-max test. We can assist you with the Wingate test as well as the VO2-max test @Papendal. But we can also measure your body composition with an ISAK measurement. This is all possible in our exercise lab.

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Climate room

Are you preparing for a tournament in a warm country? With high humidity for instance? Or at height? Then training in a climate room can be useful. Here, various types of training can be done. Such as pre-acclimatisation, interval and repeated sprint training at height, heat training and rehabilitation at height.

Do you have a specific question related to testing, measurements or the climate room @Papendal? Would you like to know if our sports scientist can be of service? Please contact us and ask about the possibilities.