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Team building

Everybody on the same page

A team consists of various personalities and characters. It is often a challenge to get everyone on the same page. Fine-tuning the details during the run-up to an important tournament. Or to understand and accept each other. Learn why one reacts differently to a situation or needs different things to get the best out himself than the other.

Team building

The objective of team building is to improve the performance of a group. Getting to know each other better, in a different setting than the usual. Making sure you become one team, a close team that supports each other and strives for the same goal. For this, it is vital that each team member is aware of himself and others. Accepting yourself, accepting the other and accepting your differences as well. Only then you can truly make contact. Gain mutual respect and build trust. To get the most out of it as a team. Achieve your goal.

Team building activities

There are plenty of possibilities for your team @Papendal. From relaxing activities to creating new situations to look at each other objectively again for a change. During a wheelchair basketball clinic or the team challenge for instance. Or play the interactive game ‘Goudkoorts’. Or battle with another team during Expedition Robinson Quest. Whatever your goal is, we offer a wide range of suitable activities. Take a look at our clinics and packages for a complete overview.

Elite athletes and elite coaches can inspire your team. Speak with hockey coach Max Caldas or Chef de Mission Maurits Hendriks, for instance. They know all about team building! Look at our sports speakers and maybe you will get to meet one of these heroes soon.

Will you get started with your team? We look forward to welcoming you @Papendal!

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Melissa van Delft

Eventmanager Papendal