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Great sport­facilities for training, events and training camps

You are searching for the perfect location. With ultimate sports facilities for your sport. From regular evening trainings of the selection to an event for your club or a training camp. There are various possibilities on the property. Our High Performance Centre has undergone a true metamorphosis in ten years time. Both the indoor and outdoor accommodations are optimal. But it is the atmosphere that set us apart. There is no other location in the Netherlands that is more inspiring than Papendal. Highly suitable for your event or training camp.

From volleybal to weight lifting

Our indoor sports accommodations are suitable for every type of indoor sports. We have a range of sports halls in the Multihall and Sports Hall West. For sports like badminton, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, handball and more. You are in the right place @Papendal for weight lifting as well. There are multiple weight lifting rooms as well as a fitness centre.

Sportaccommodaties Papendal
Sportaccommodaties Papendal
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Outdoor trainig

Are you looking for a location to host a training camp with your football team? Then Papendal is a good choice as well! We have three football fields of which one is made of artificial grass. The possibilities for other outdoor sports are also endless. With a BMX track, mountain bike track with rock garden, athletics track and tennis courts, there is something for everyone.

Are you a cyclist or mountain biker? We can recommend the Posbank as a training location, only 20km away from Papendal. A beautiful training area.

Moreover, we offer unique options for hockey training camps. Only ten minutes away from Papendal, we find a beautiful blue hockey field at the Upward hockey club in Arnhem. Did you know that the hockey players of the Dutch national team under coach Max Caldas’ supervision use this field when they train with us?

May we welcome your team for a training, event or training camp soon? We look forward to it! Contact us to discuss availability, rates and possibilities.

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Servicedesk High Performance Centre Papendal

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Servicedesk High Performance Centre Papendal