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BMX bike racer Raymon van der Biezen

Knows how to make his dreams come true

Raymon van der Biezen, born on 14 January 1987, is famous for his BMX bike skills. Starting from a young age, he enjoyed nothing more than riding a bike. From the age of four already rode a – much too big – bicycle and tackled the mounds that were created in his backyard. His passion at that time became his life and he joined a cycle club. He showed that he was a natural cross country rider and even at a young age he won three National titles. At the age of eleven, Raymon was allowed to take part in an international race and at the age of sixteen he was invited by the then National Coach Tol Kolvoort to join the National Team.

Raymon’s life changed as soon as it became known that BMX racing was going to be a recognised Olympic sport as from 2008, and so he began a fulltime training programme. Under the leadership of Bas de Bever he turned his hobby into his career. At the 2008 Games, he was able to qualify for the London Games where he came fourth. He trains at the Papendal track since 2006.

Raymon van der Biezen as a sports speaker

The life of a top athlete is not at all foreign to Raymon. He knows how to make dreams come true and that more than willpower is needed for this to happen. Raymon tells you about the best way to set goals and to stay motivated. He can tell you everything about life as a top athlete. What do you need to avoid and what is expected of young talent? Raymond can tell you everything about the Centre for Topsports and Education (CTO) at Papendal. He explains about available facilities for young top sportsmen and women and how he combines his studies with his sport. Raymon van der Biezen inspires and stimulates enthusiasm.


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