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Sprinthal Arnhemhal op Papendal

Sports accommodations

High Performance Centre Papendal has been transformed in ten years time. From a somewhat outdated High Performance Centre to a...
Balsporthal in de Arnhemhal op Papendal

Indoor sports accommodations

The Arnhem hall is a multi-sports hall with international allure. Experts consider the Arnhem hall as one of the top...
Handboogschieten op Papendal

Outdoor sports accommodations

Papendal is continuously in motion. The High Performance Centre is practically unrecognisable for people who have not visited us for...
Mentale begeleiding Papendal

Life skills coaching

The talents and elite athletes at TeamNL centre Papendal are surrounded by a large support team. Among which life skills...
Mentale begeleiding Papendal

Performance behaviour

An elite athlete can be at his best physically, but his mental state is just as important. Otherwise you cannot...
Inspanningstest op Papendal

Sport science

To support elite athletes and coaches sports scientifically, we work with embedded scientists. Scientists who are specialized in biomechanics. Or...
Voeding in het Topsportrestaurant op Papendal

Nutritional advice

The right food at the right time. That is important for an elite athlete. But what exactly is the right...

Training camps

We have all that is required for your training camp. We have comfortable beds waiting for you in the hotel....
Papendal Peter Blangé

Record international Peter Blangé

Do you also enjoy reflecting back on the victory of the Dutch Volleyball team at the Atlanta Olympic Games in...
Papendal Joop Alberda

Sports director Joop Alberda

Sports Director Jogchum Theo (Joop) Alberda, born on 25 October 1951, is also known as the ‘connection doctor’. He has...

Team building

A team consists of various personalities and characters. It is often a challenge to get everyone on the same page....
Inspanningstest op Papendal

Testing and measuring

Sometimes, you want something extra. For example, if you are preparing for an important tournament. Or during your training camp,...