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Record international Peter Blangé

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Do you also enjoy reflecting back on the victory of the Dutch Volleyball team at the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996? An edge of your seat exciting final ultimately resulted in their victory and, therefore, in Olympic gold. Ex-volleyball player Peter Blangé, born on 9 December 1964 was the goal setter at Oranje at that time.

Peter made his debut in the Dutch National team in 1984. As part of the tall men he won silver during the Summer Games in 1992. Four years later they won the gold medal together with his team. With 500 international and 4 Olympic Games to his name, Peter Blangé is the Netherlands’ international record holder. From 2006 to 2010 he was Federation Coach of the Dutch Men’s team. During this time, he won the National title and Trophy competitions three times in a row.

After his active period in top sports, Peter found a new challenge as the Commercial Director of ORTEC SPORTS: ICT-system developer for the sports world. In October 2014 he was also appointed as Manager of the Inno Sports Lab at Papendal. Together with the NOC*NSF and Inno Sport NL he works on the professionalization of top-sports support and innovation potential at Papendal. These days, Peter is also still closely involved with the game. He has actually been appointed as Competition Director of the European Women’s Volleyball Competitions in 2015.

Peter Blangé as a speaker
Peter Blangé has acquired much experience in the corporate world as well as in top sports. In his presentation, he discusses the link between both of these and emphasises the importance of teambuilding. He also emphasizes issues such as conflict resolution and leadership. He enjoys addressing the importance of science and innovation. The latter especially forms an important catalyst for growth and development and through this, for corporate and athletes’ successes. Peter constantly searches for improvement and this makes him a source of inspiration for many.

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