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Sports director Joop Alberda

He will inspire you with his talent for (change) management

Sports Director Jogchum Theo (Joop) Alberda, born on 25 October 1951, is also known as the ‘connection doctor’. He has an unrivalled talent for managing sporting organizations and has an impressive CV which he has built up on accomplished successes in many sports disciplines.

Joop became well known by the general public in 1996 when he went to the Olympic Games as coach. He coached the Men’s Volleyball Team to win Hethe gold medal in Atlanta. This nerve racking game was later declared the Sporting Moment of the 20th century, with Joop Alberda as the best volleyball coach in the world. One year after the Olympic Games Joop was approached by the NOC*NSF to take on the position of Technical Director. Over a period of eight years in this role, Joop made a considerable contribution to five Olympic Games.

Joop is continually busy with improving the top sporting climate in the Netherlands. In 2005, he also won the Sports Manager of the Year award. The year after that, Joop took on a new challenge as Technical Director of the Dutch Volleyball Association. During his four years in this capacity Joop also completed various interim activities for his own business, Alberda Advice. For example, he was asked by Guus Hiddink to plan out the management approach for the Russian football team. He also took the Cervelo Cycling Team to a higher level and he was Technical Director at the Athletics Union. He is strategically capable of managing any sport for which he could use his training and coaching talents. These days, Joop Alberda is Technical Director of the KNZB (Koninklijke Nederlandse Zwembond, or Royal Dutch Swimming Federation).

The fact that Joop is also talented in workplace coaching is reflected by the fact that he proved his ability in the TV programme ‘Werkzat’ of the RVU education channel. In this programme, he assisted eight people in getting a new career.

Joop Alberda as sporting expert speaker
Joop Alberda trained a lot with his team at the Papendal Olympic Training Centre and can tell you everything about inspirational leadership. He can help you enhance teamwork in your organisation. As experienced interim-manager he was asked by organisations to implement often drastic changes. Joop can be appointed for strategic issues concerning change management, time management and inspirational leadership.

Booking for an inspirational speaker such as Joop Alberda is only possible for closed groups. For information about options and charges, please contact our staff on +31(0)26-4837911 or complete the attached application form below.

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