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Sports speakers

Everyone is welcome @Papendal. Even if you have no relation to sports. But if you wish to emphasize the uniqueness...

Chef de Mission NOC*NSF Maurits Hendriks

Maurits Gijsbreght Hendriks, born on 1 January 1961, is an internationally schooled hockey coach from the Netherlands. He started life...

Nutritional innovation specialist Jeroen Wouters

Jeroen Wouters is Innovation and Nutrition programme expert at High Performance Centre Papendal. In this role, Jeroen focuses on the...

Master plan 2020

It was 1 October 2000. The Olympic Games in Sydney ended officially that day. They were the most successful Games...

The Arnhem hall: a big step forward

Bringing Papendal to the Olympic level. That was the goal of the NOC*NSF when it started the “Revitalising Papendal” project...

Careful use of energy

An elite athlete knows the importance of energy like no other. Without it, you cannot perform. Therefore, elite athletes manage...

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