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Utilise the unique, invite a sports speaker.
You don’t necessarily need to have a connection with sports to organise a meeting @Papendal. Everyone is welcome. But if you wish to emphasize the uniqueness of our location during your stay, inviting a sports speaker can truly offer added value. Get inspired by speakers who can tell you more about things like innovation, leadership, teambuilding and coaching in their field of expertise.

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A clinic or workshop as a break during your meeting
A meeting in the heart of Dutch sporting excellence is already special in itself. But a break during your meeting to experience that sporting excellence feeling is of course a different story. Step away from the room and go outside. Cooperate. Motivate. Another perspective on what you are working on. We have put together a wide range of athletic and (re)creative clinics for you to choose from. View our offer here. Of course, we can also customize a sporty day or break during your meeting entirely according to your wishes. Any ideas are welcome. You are welcome.

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