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Nutritional innovation specialist Jeroen Wouters

Food, elite sports and innovation

Jeroen Wouters is Innovation and Nutrition programme expert at High Performance Centre Papendal. In this role, Jeroen focuses on the development of functional food for sportsmen in the broadest sense. ‘The Netherlands has a strong and worldwide acknowledged expertise in the field of research and development of food. Along with the Dutch sports infrastructure, a fertile climate for innovation in sports and nutrition is created: a unique combination to achieve healthy and athletic results.’

Jeroen is the chair of the coordination team of Eat2Move. Top centre Eat2Move works on food that enhances the performance and recovery in (elite)sports and healthcare. Eat2Move brings disciplines together and supports the interaction between knowledge institutions and companies in the worlds of elite sports, exercises and care.

Jeroen holds a doctor’s degree of the University of Wageningen and has worked at NIZO food research in Ede since 2002. He has a broad background in nutritional technology, with particular experience in product design and nutritional research. Jeroen held different positions at NIZO food research, research company for innovations in nutritional products, from which he has gained broad experience in things like target audience nutrition. He operates within a large network of companies and knowledge institutions that are active in the field of nutritional innovation.

Jeroen gives a broad overview of nutrition, sports and innovation and can explain the importance of optimal food for a good performance. With his experience in business and his chairmanship at Eat2Move, Jeroen can respond to topics regarding nutritional innovation well.

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