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Master plan 2020

The revitalisation of Olympic Training Centre Papendal

It was 1 October 2000. The Olympic Games in Sydney ended officially that day. They were the most successful Games for the Netherlands with 25 medals and an eighth position in the medal table. This good performance of the Dutch elite athletes partly led to increased attention for sports in the Netherlands. The NOC*NSF responded to this. Wrote a master plan to develop Papendal into an Olympic Training Centre to be proud of.

In 2000, Papendal had been a renowned Olympic Training Centre for years, but the facilities no longer met the required level of service. Therefore, the NOC*NSF started with the development of a master plan. A master plan which described how Papendal should develop into an Olympic Training Centre over the course of the years. An environment where talents can develop themselves and elite athletes can prepare themselves for delivering a top performance. Where they can perform at their best. To reach the top.

The 2020 master plan

After the plan had been approved in 2003, we started implementing it in 2005. The objective is to develop Papendal into a training location of international class when it comes to facilities, sustainability and innovations. In accordance with the previous master plan, the northern side is developing into the centre of our sports complex. Practically all buildings are located here. Old and new. The parking spots and the buildings are connected by a wide footpath, which we call the sports strip. The southern part of our complex leaves more room for nature.

We have completed no less than 20 construction projects over the last few years. Examples are the Sports and Innovation centre and the Sports and Education building. Different renovations. The construction of the BMX track, the Arnhem hall, the Ruskahall and the renovation of the Athletics track. For a complete overview, you can view our history.

Masterplan Papendal
Masterplan Papendal
Arnhemhal Papendal

Arnhem hall

In the mean time, the large investments in various accommodations and facilities for elite sports have become highly visible. These days, the centre is a decent Olympic Training Centre. We are proud of this.

Since the opening of the Arnhem hall late 2012, we have welcomed a number of international delegations. Everyone is enthusiastic and impressed. International experts consider the Arnhem hall one of the top five training accommodations in the world. An increasing number of elite athletes from all over the world visit Papendal for training camps.

But of course we are not finished yet. We will continue to invest. Renovating the accommodations to continue to meet the international standards. To be able to offer the right excelling environment for our elite athletes.