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Tour High Performance Centre Papendal

High Performance Centre Papendal is an Olympic elite sports training location. With a wide range of accommodations. Something for every...

Elite sports

High Performance Centre Papendal is the largest elite sports training centre in the Netherlands. Today, about 400 elite athletes use...

Contact direct

Contact High Performance Centre Papendal +31 (0)26 483 4555 Contact Hotel Papendal +31 (0)26 483 7911 Contact Papendal Events +31...


If you want to belong to the best, you have to continue to develop. Because standing still is moving backwards....

Customized education @Papendal

Being a professional athlete and studying at the same time. That is not an obvious and simple combination! It takes...

Disclaimer and copyright

Disclaimer and copyright of the website of Hotel Papendal and High Performance Centre Papendal. Read more about the rights.

Sports restaurant

Reformulating recipes. That is the strength of our kitchen team. Chef and manager Erik te Velthuis makes pancakes of quinoa...

Olympic battle of the stars

Will you go for gold as well at the Olympic battle of the stars? You and your colleagues will be...

Sports director Joop Alberda

Sports Director Jogchum Theo (Joop) Alberda, born on 25 October 1951, is also known as the ‘connection doctor’. He has...

The CTO explained

High Performance Centre Papendal, hidden in the forests of Arnhem, is the largest of the four Centres for Elite Sports...

Readings, workshops and advice

Whether it concerns preparing a soup or developing a healthy meatball sandwich. Our kitchen team gets to it with passion....

Nutritional innovation

You can innovate in many fields. In the area of sports accommodations for example. Or by developing bicycles, clothes or...