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Min. persons: 30
Duration: 2 hour
Chain reaction with sustainable challenge

@ Papendal, we know better than anyone how important energy is. Without it, you can’t perform. Energy is precious and should not be wasted. At Papendal, striving for the perfect sports performance goes hand in hand with striving for sustainability.

Not wasting energy

No fewer than 3,512 solar panels supply the top sports venues and the event site with green electricity. Heat and Cold Storage Systems with wells 225 metres deep heat the sports venues. A bio-digester converts bio-waste from the sports venues into renewable energy and plant food. There are also electric charging stations, the cleaning organisation uses ozone water as a cleaning agent and we choose sustainable suppliers at events.

The Chain Reaction as an activity for your company

At #Papendal, you can give your meeting a sustainable character by actively engaging in it yourself. The Chain Reaction is a challenging team game with a sustainable story. You will set off a chain reaction powered by wind and solar energy, among other things! You and your team will play beautifully executed games and solve assignments about Global Warming and sustainability. Participants will be referred to pictures and objects in the room.

Varied offer of relevant games, interesting questions and large construction task

Answering interesting questions and solving challenging assignments will bring you to a surprising finale: a spectacular chain reaction built by yourself. It incorporates multiple energy sources. A large model car runs on solar energy (with lights activated by a domino stone falling over in a light lock). This tips over another domino stone. Hydropower in the form of an aqueduct system. And wind power is caused by a wind machine and a ‘sail car’. Which team will have the best chain reaction with the fewest mistakes?

Sustainable story need not be pedantic; above all, do it in exciting competition

The Chain Reaction does not pretend to point out interests and dangers in a pedantic manner with a ‘green up-finger’. In 4 rounds of play, each participant can always find their own role…: Building the Great Chain Reaction, for example, solving questions and tasks about the friction between human need and preserving the world around us. Playing beautifully designed thinking and strategic games with a link to sustainability.

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