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Use our top facilities

Use our top facilities

Papendal is an Olympic Training Centre. Where over 400 elite athletes train, live and study on a daily basis. With beautiful facilities. But you can use these facilities as well. And the available knowledge @Papendal. During the sports weekends that we organise, for instance. Or when you come to Papendal with your club for a training camp.

Prepare optimally during a training camp

A training camp offers perfect preparations for a new season or competition. We have all that is required for your training camp @Papendal. From the right elite sports nutrition to recovery facilities. From hotel rooms to meeting rooms for team meetings. But the fact that we have the best sports facilities is what matters most for you. From athletics track to football fields and from weight training rooms to a sports hall.

Voetbalveld op Papendal

Profit from the available knowledge and facilities

The enormous amount of knowledge and facilities available make Papendal unique. It would be a shame not to utilise these benefits! The facilities for the elite athletes @Papendal are designed to perfection. And numerous experts are involved in it. Who can possibly be of service to you. In the field of testing and measuring for instance. Or maybe you are interested in team building activities or alternative trainings such as a boxing clinic? In addition, various elite athletes, coaches and experts are connected to Papendal. Who gladly share their story with you. Book a sports speaker during your training camp @Papendal and inspire your team!

De klimaatkamer voor sporters en clubs op Papendal
Testen en meten op Papendal

Get started under professional supervision

Get started with your sport under the supervision of (former) elite athletes during our sports weekends @Papendal. Each year, we organise various weekends so you can use the modern training facilities which our NL Team elite athletes use on a daily basis. Knowledge transfer from elite sports to recreational sports is key. Find out which sports weekends suit you.

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