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Sheep herding with Border Collies

Team building is a way to learn to function more effectively as a team, but also a way to have...

Olympic Day

‘The most important thing in the Olympics is participating rather than winning, just like life didn’t start to conquer but...


Zumba, a combination of fitness and dance moves on world and Latin music. Think of Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia etc. Zumba...

Ball shooting

Around 1500, this sport was very popular in the Netherlands. Now it is back! A ‘kloot’ is an old Dutch...

Laser game

A tactical and exciting game in the forests of Papendal. Laser gaming in the forests equals excitement, challenge, fun and...

Charity Bike Building

Charity Bike Building is a unique charity team building event. You and your colleagues will assemble bikes in teams. The...

Interactive game – Gold fever

Team building, cooperating, challenging and competitive. Those are the key words for the Gold Fever programme! You and your team...

Utilise the knowledge

The enormous amount of knowledge and facilities available make Papendal unique. It would be a shame not to utilise these...


Looking for an athletic or recreational break during your meeting? You are in the right place! Team building, health awareness,...

Guided tours

High Performance Centre Papendal is an Olympic elite sports training location. With a wide range of accommodations. Something for every...

All on one property

If you organise a sports day or round of activities during your congress, you will want all activities to be...
Road to TokyoVergaderen met een Japans tintje?

Ga voor de volledige Japanse beleving tijdens jouw bijeenkomst #OpPapendal. Want ook jij kan winnen #OpPapendal met jouw bijeenkomst in Tokyo stijl.

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