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Game Olympiad

General information
Price per person: € 31,00
Min. persons: 20
Duration: 2 hour
Cracking the code


Game Olympiad is an athletic team challenge that goes further than just sport. Crack the Olympic code by means of questions about heroes and history. Shocked by media and politics. Surprised by culture and chauvinism. And tells about fraternisation. If your team has cracked the code and gathered enough rings, the Olympic flame will be extinguished. With a touch of the Olympic spirit. Will your team come in first?

Sports in stimulating games

You can win rings by playing games. The sports have been translated into skill, mental and strategic games. Basketball in the form of a brain cracker. Tennis rediscovered as PONG in the first computer game ever. Curling as a summery version with a giant ball. Football as an extreme blowing football game with the help of a compressor. A memory game with heroes such as Fanny Blankers Coen, Carl Lewis, Sven Kramer and Johan Cruijf.

In short: Which team represents the Olympic spirit best in three words. Friendship, excelling and respect? Which team wins the Game Olympiad?

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