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Olympic Day

General information
Price: On request
Min. persons: 100
Duration: hour
Do you deserve a gold medal?

‘The most important thing in the Olympics is participating rather than winning, just like life didn’t start to conquer but to deliver a good battle’.

The Olympics is the highest attainable goal for each athlete and now for each participant as well. The bar is raised continuously but who will win the battle?

The participants will experience a fun and groundbreaking afternoon. After the introduction, we will divide the group into countries. The countries will have to prove themselves on the Olympic Day. Which country will win most medals and end up at the top of the medal table?

The game
The countries (groups) will delegate people to various parts. Each country must determine themselves who is ‘sent’ to a certain activity. You can win medals with each activity. Eventually, we will count the medals per country. The ‘medal table’ is drawn up. The country with most medals is the winner of the Olympic day!

The countries can delegate ‘athletes’ to the following Olympic activities:

A spectacular activity for young and old. You will learn several fencing skills in a nice and interactive manner. After a crash course, the countries will start their battle!

Air rifle shooting
In air rifle shooting you shoot at a target with an ‘air rifle’. There are a few air rifles, shooting lanes and a game supervisor waiting for you to see if you can shoot bull’s-eye and win gold!

Taekwondo is a stylish and versatile self-defence sport that originally came from Korea. Who learns fastest and takes off with gold?

BMX, Bicycle Motor Cross, is the upcoming sport of this moment. After the introduction of the sport at the Olympics in 2008, everyone wants to learn cross-country cycling. Who will be fastest on the hilly track?

Of course the activities can be adjusted if desired.

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