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Prijs per persoon: € 33,00
Min. personen: 15
Tijdsduur: 1.5 uur
A quick and tactical combat sport

Fencing is an elegant, quick, tactical and dynamic combat sport where body and soul are used intensively. The aim is to hit the opponent without getting hit yourself. Depending on your personal preference, you can use three different weapons for fencing, namely: épée, rapier and sabre. The fencer must try to outwit his opponent during the duel. He can do this by making subtle feints or unexpected attacks.


What will you be doing?
The fencing clinic focuses on technique, tactics, speed, responsiveness, courage and self-control. The fencer must continuously be cautious for his opponent and try to score points in the meantime. It is about hitting, without getting hit yourself.
You will learn several fencing skills in a nice and interactive manner, such as making feints and unexpected attacks and various ways to repel an opponent’s attack. At the end of this athletic clinic, you will enter the duel as a trained fencer.

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