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Prijs per persoon: € 29,00
Min. personen: 15
Tijdsduur: 1.5 uur
Jumping, running, rolling in the sand

Beach volleyball is the most frequently played and popular beach sport in the world. An athletic team building activity to do with your friends, family or colleagues! Will you suggest the idea?


What will you be doing?
You will work out intensively on the beach court @Papendal during this fun and challenging clinic, all under the supervision of enthusiastic instructors. The most important techniques and tips & tricks will be taught during the clinic.

The three basic attack techniques in beach volleyball are:
1. Smash = a ball which is hit hard with an open hand.
2. Shot = a ball which is hit softly and placed with an open hand.
3. Poke shot= ball hit with the knuckles.

You will bring the gathered knowledge into practice during a beach volleyball tournament. The instructors will also give additional instructions and tips to enhance the level of fun in the game.

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