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General information
Price per person: € 27,00
Min. persons: 15
Duration: 1.5 hour

Archery is a sport where darts are shot at a target by means of a bow. An ancient sport that anyone can practise. Did you know a bow was used as a hunting and war weapon in the older days? Nowadays, archery is mostly a concentration sport. Different games add a nice twist to this active clinic.

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What will you be doing?
We start with a warm-up after which your shooting position, the right techniques and the sense of direction will be addressed. Of course we pay attention to safety as well. After an informative instruction, it is time to do some exercises yourself!

All under the supervision of the NL Team archers. Step by step, you will shoot better and get closer to the bull’s-eye. If you have mastered the shooting, then of course we will organise an exciting match in a team structure. Which team collects most points?

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