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Hotel Papendal is always looking for good collaborations. You too?

The hotel industry is perceived by many consumers as an attractive industry with tranquillity, luxury and relaxation. A weekend getaway allows us to recharge and acquire new energy. It is thus no surprise that more and more premium brands start up interesting collaborations with Hotel Papendal. It is a valuable way to thank customers or staff, treat readers or appeal to a new target audience.

Sharing quality & strengthening image

Hotel Papendal stands for absolute quality and hospitality with an athletic touch. If your company or organisation strives for good quality in the same customer-oriented way, it is good to find out if there are areas of overlap that could make a collaboration interesting. This way, two premium brands can strengthen their position towards a target audience that values quality, good service and creativity.

Endless possibilities:

There are various options for a corporate cooperation with Hotel Papendal. Depending on your organisation and the mutual wishes, we create a joint promotion, barter, special company package, readers offer or savings campaign. We have gained quite some experience and we are open to new initiatives and original ideas.

Interested in a cooperation with us? Contact Sophie Mulders, General Manager Hotel Papendal.

Sophie Mulders

General Manager Hotel Papendal

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