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Green Key

Hotel Papendal cares about its environment. We achieve gold in this.

Green Key is the international certification for companies in the tourism and leisure industry and meeting and congress locations. It focuses on paying serious and controllable attention to sustainability, corporate social responsibility and care for the environment, not only within the company, but also in the surrounding nature. Hotel Papendal has managed to receive the highest attainable ‘Golden Green Key’ certificate for a number of subsequent years. For more information, look at


We deliberately pay attention to corporate social responsibility (MVO), both at strategic and operational level. Sustainable entrepreneurship and care for the environment are part of our business practices. This is reflected in a number of things, such as:
– Choice of suppliers, sunstainable purchasing policy, which we test on green responsibilities. Think of FSC paper and coffee with the Max Havelaar certification mark.

– LED lighting, with which we are already well on our way. Hotel Papendal is currently in the process of changing all standard lighting for sustainable LED lamps (dispensation). This type of lighting is lower in energy use and has a longer life.

Connection with the industry, such as with Green cooks

Papendal’s chef Robbert Hulsteijn: “Together with twelve ambassadors, we face the challenge of reducing food wastage in the restaurant to set an example for the rest of the Netherlands and Europe.”

Collaborations such as with Siza

Siza is a healthcare and service provider for people with a handicap. Siza bakery has become preferred supplier because of their delicious apple pie. Since then, Papendal and Siza have developed more products which you can enjoy daily @Papendal.

Regional products such as meat

All of the veal comes from the Eco Fields farm in Wekerom. This meat is 100% organic. Close to Papendal, therefore little ‘food miles’. Organic meat for many culinary delights @Papendal.

But there is more. Our awareness is also reflected by the hybrid cars of Papendal, the waste separation and the green company culture. Sustainable entrepreneurship means much more to Papendal than a modern slogan. For more information, look at  the MVO statement

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