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There is an increasing demand for special locations. Extraordinary locations which you cannot find anywhere else. The reason is very simple, you want to be inspired by the environment, to be able to think “out of the box” during the meeting and not to get stuck in the same atmosphere. That is precisely why companies choose to leave their familiar working environment. But of course it has to give you something. Meeting between 4 walls is not really inspiring. And keeping the attention of your fellow participants is far from easy in such an environment. And so … special locations. Please let us introduce to you; Skybox!

The Skybox @OpPapendal opened in November 2018. And why is this so special? There are several reasons. For example, the Skybox is located on the well-known blue athletics track that is often seen on the news during sports items. World champion Dafne Schippers trains here when she is in the Netherlands and the most positive Dutchman Churandy Martina is also completely at home here. Business meets Sports applies here more than anywhere else. But the Skybox is also in the middle of the Veluwe woods. Completely in the green. Inhale oxygen while staring at the athletics track on the balcony during the breaks. The green, wide environment provides a clear and fresh view of your goals to be achieved. Take a (lunch) break and walk through the wooded paths of the site. That is what gives you energy and that is precisely the reason that you choose a (special!) Location outside the office. Inspiring, enlightening, energetic and above all successful. A good mix of ingredients to win. Don’t you think?

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