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There are numerous meeting locations to choose from, but @Papendal is one of a kind

Don’t settle for less.

Sometimes, meeting at an external location can be refreshing. Different surroundings, another atmosphere, but most of all a different spirit! The presence of sporting excellence is sensible and visible. Here, people work on themselves, want to improve, create a team and gain knowledge. Slogans like “winning”, “performing” and “going for gold” apply to everyone @Papendal. You do not settle for less either, do you?

We have suitable rooms for each meeting, training or course. Regardless of the group size. Something for everyone. We completely understand that you require natural daylight, so you can rest assured this is provided in all rooms. Not forgetting, standard amenities such as flip-over and white board are included as well. The larger meeting rooms are also provided with a beamer, projection screen, sound system and DVD player. Fresh coffee, a diverse selection of tea varieties, water and some healthy snacks are available in our coffee square.

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Experience what our elite athletes experience as well.

To be able to experience what our elite athletes feel every day, we have made a selection of sports speakers. Every sports speaker has his/her own unique relationship with Papendal and is able to bring entirely different dynamics to your meeting that suit your objective perfectly. Another option is to take part in sports or creative activities with your group during a customized clinic. Demonstrate the power and conviction in the way you approach things. And you will succeed. We guarantee you that.

Which seating suits your meeting?

Are you curious what kind of seating suits your type of meeting? Please find below our suggestions. Again, if you have an other idea please do not hesitate to let us know and we will match the seating to your wishes.

Vergaderen Papendal

Cabaret seating

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Vergaderen op Papendal

Theater seating

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Vergaderen op Papendal

Carré seating

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