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Wheelchair basketballcoach Gertjan van der Linden

Can't think of anything he cannot do

Gertjan van der Linden, born on 4 November 1966, is a former Paralympian and current National Coach of the Dutch wheelchair basketball team. At the age of 14 he lost both lower legs in an accident but this never stopped him from becoming a sportsman. “I can’t think of anything I can’t do” says the positive Gertjan. His passion for sport originates from the age of thirteen in swimming and this became basketball after the 1980 Paralympic Games. This was not without successes! Gertjan played in various National, European and World championships and as wheelchair basketball player he has played in 520 international games. He has also taken part in five consecutive Paralympic Games from 1988 to 2004.

Since 2005, Gertjan van der Linden has been working for the Dutch Basketball Federation and is currently coaching the Dutch Angels; the women’s wheelchair basketball team. Together with them he trains at Papendal. According to Gertjan there is a big difference between coaching people without or with a disability. Often, sportsmen and women only start playing wheelchair basketball after their rehabilitation phase. He not only coaches them in the game itself but also in particular how to play sports in a wheelchair. The greatest benefit in this particular sport for him is the will power of its sportsmen and women. On 26 April 2002, Gertjan was awarded a Knighthood in the Order of Oranje-Nassau.

Gertjan van der Linden as a sports speaker

Gertjan van der Linden can tell you everything about inspirational leadership. He can help you to enhance team building in your organisation. He also knows as none other how to strive for (new) goals. Gertjan also organises wheelchair basketball clinics for your employees. During these clinics they can learn new ways of collaborating and get to know each other’s qualities. In his sessions, Gertjan also addresses topics such as persistence and developing awareness of common goals. His clinics can be modified to meet your own requirements.


Booking for an inspirational speaker such as Gertjan van der Linden is only possible for closed groups. For information about options and charges, please contact our staff on +31(0)26-4837911 or complete the attached application form below.

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