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Manager of nutrition topsport restaurant Erik te Velthuis

Knows all about nutrition and energy

Can diet contribute to top performance? For sure! Just ask Erik te Velthuis. As Manager of the Arnhemhal at Papendal, Erik knows all about this. His great passion: to get the best out of your diet. A well balanced diet provides the correct fuel and building blocks for (top) athletes. Top sportsmen and sportswomen can perform better with the right nutrition. Erik is not just convinced that meals need to be nutritious but also enjoyable. By providing meals with plenty of flavour, they will be enjoyed and finished. This is especially important for juniors training at Papendal. Their age in particular makes it difficult for them to value the importance of good nutrition and they relate more to the taste of food. Erik’s approach solves this problem.

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Together with sports dietician Brenda Frunt he has written the book: ‘Gold on your plate’. In this book, they share their vision on the significance of nutrition for top performance. There is no lack of recipes in this book so you can recreate the dishes in the convenience of your own kitchen. Content also covers foods that they have developed themselves. For instance, Erik has come up with a special sports dairy product with adequate proteins for top athletes. This type of food is taken to training camps by top athletes all over the world. Healthy cooking does not need to be complicated according to Erik. There are no rare ingredients in his recipes: the aim is to obtain as much energy as possible from basic foods; Pure recipes without too many (bad) additives.

Erik’s challenge is to minimise food wastage and rubbish as much as possible and in a durable sense. This creates a space in which to work with responsible top products, biological, ecological, and regional in a healthy business environment that also provides a pleasant workplace for employees.

The topsports restaurant

The ‘Topsport Restaurant’ is part of the Papendal Sports Centre. This modern sports center is the ‘home base’ for many (Olympic) top athletes from various disciplines. The Topsport restaurant is exclusively used by top athletes at Papendal. The performance focused diet that is available to them here is pure and freshly prepared on a daily basis.

By combining nutritional science, sports dietetics and cooking skills, top athletes at Papendal are assured of being provided with optimal and innovative fundamental nutrition. Nutrition for times of stress or recovery, healthy snacks and regular sporting meals with all of the necessary food stuffs, vitamins and minerals. Erik continuously consults with athletes, nutritional experts and coaches in order to be able to nourish the athletes correctly.

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Erik te Velthuis as a sports speaker

Erik uses workshops to transfer his knowledge into practice. Immediate results are achieved by changing eating habits. Erik explains why a correct diet is not only important for athletes but also to performance in our working lives. By applying his knowledge you can prevent a drop in energy level after a meal for instance, or maintain energy levels for longer or lessen those hungry feelings. This can all contribute to a healthy business process.

During most of Erik’s workshops you are able to enjoy the beautiful treats that he brings along. You can select a look, listen, taste and feel presentation during the lunch for example, which allows you to learn more about what is being served. Feel free to contact our staff for more information about this. In short: with Erik as speaker, you will experience an informative and tasty day!


Booking for an inspirational speaker such as Erik te Velthuis is only possible for closed groups. For information about options and charges, please contact our staff on +31(0)26-4837911 or complete the attached application form below.

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