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Ex-skater Jochem Uytdehaage

He knows how to transfer his own talent to others

Jochem Simon Uytdehaage, born on 9 July 1967, is one of the Netherland’s most successful ex-skaters. Jochem made history during the 10 kms race at the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. He managed to get a time of less than 13 minutes (12:58.92). This world record got him the gold medal. But this was not his only Olympic achievement in 2002. Jochem appeared to be in top condition and also won the gold medal for the 5 kms and silver for the 1500 kms. He was not only successful at the Olympic Games. He was also two time European all-round Champion as well as two time World Champion.

His top athletic career seemed to come to an abrupt end in 2004. Jochem was involved in a car accident and was taken to the Burns Unit in Beverwijk. He was able to apply his tenacity and determination that he used in sport to aid his recovery. Jochem did not slow down during this period. He was of the opinion that he could have achieved even more success as a young skater if he had had a mentor during that time. He established the ‘Sporttop’ Foundation; an organisation designed to support young top sportsmen and women in their sporting career. Despite the fact that at that time he was unable to enjoy applying his own talent he used this to help top athletes of the future.

Fortunately his recovery happened quickly and just one year after his accident Jochem again took part in the Dutch and European Skating Championships. In 2007, Jochem made an end to his known top sporting career and started his own business: The Uytdhaaging (the Challenge). These days he still works there as trainer and coach in personal energy management. He can now transfer the lessons he has learned in top-level sports to business life.

Jochem Uytdehaage as a sports speaker
As a skater, Jochem had very clear goals. He succeeded in reaching his goals and he knows about the way to the top. Despite setbacks he knew how to achieve with determination and consistency. Not everything is about persistence and will power. Jochem thinks that success is also largely dependent on having the right personal balance. Energy is the key word in this. His proposed goal is to divide energy properly between various aspects of life. By doing this, proper energy investment can deliver new strengths and inspiration.

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